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Prograde BCAA, 200caps. $34.95


Prograde Branched Chain Amino Acids may:

Prevent devastating lean muscle tissue breakdown*

Improve nitrogen retention so that your body stays in an anabolic state for lean muscle development.*

Promote the growth of metabolically active tissue*

Reduce muscle soreness and fatigue* 

Improve the effectiveness of your training sessions*

Increase athletic endurance and power*

BCAA consumption can help limit lean body mass loss as well as increasing visceral fat loss. Visceral fat is the deadly fat that accumulates around your central organs, it is metabolically active and it can wreak havoc on your health. It is one fat that you definitely want to get rid of.
Research shows that when consuming BCAAs daily when training results in significantly less muscle breakdown. Adding just 12 grams of BCAAs per day was all that was needed to achieve this effect. This can be incredibly important while dieting, as maintaining lean mass is vital to maximizing fat loss, as well as to achieve the body composition you began dieting for in the first place!
Recently it has also been shown that leucine is one of the key igniters of protein synthesis. It seems that leucine itself can stimulate insulin production, increase protein synthesis, and modulate blood sugar. This may partly explain why BCAA supplementation while dieting is so effective at maintaining muscle mass, as they stimulate the muscle building components even while in a caloric deficit.