Immortal Alchemy-Bee Mana


Royal Jelly is such a MASSIVE longevity food. After independent lab analysis, we had gotten confirmation that our Royal Jelly contains not only a huge assortment of vitamins, minerals, amino acids (including one ONLY found in royal jelly, called royalsin), and antioxidant compounds, but we have confirmed that our Royal Jelly contains Human Active Vitamin B-12 in concentrations that make it nutritionally useful.

Product Description

  Immortal Alchemy bees are NEVER fed sugar (even “organic” bee products can legally be fed organic cane sugar and still be called organic!!!). Our bees are fed their only their original diet, pollen and honey, which creates a much more powerful product!What is even more special is where they are harvesting all their nectar and pollen from to make these awesome superfoods. All of our apiaries are located in medicinal herb farms and forests filled with wild growing herbs and trees, far away from industrialization and pollution.

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