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How much Fish Oil should you really be Taking?

How Much Fish Oil Should You Really Be Taking?
June 01, 2023
There is a whirlwind of information surrounding the topic of fish oil and its various health benefits. From improved cardiovascular health to the reduction of chronic inflammation and treatment of neurological diseases, there’s little that fish oil can’t do. However, in the melee of marketing and misinformation, many have been left asking the same question: How much fish oil should I really be taking?

Before diving headlong into this question, it’s crucial to understand that not all fish oils are created equal. Much like the quality difference between a beautifully grilled salmon fillet and a questionable fish stick, there’s a wide range of fish oils available on the market.

Understanding Fish Oil Quality
Many fish oil products are in ethyl ester form, which, unfortunately, has poor bioavailability and stability. This is primarily due to the processing methods used to extract and concentrate the fish oil. During this process, the natural triglyceride structure of the fish oil is converted into ethyl esters, which are less stable and less easily absorbed by the body.

Moreover, many fish oils on the market may be rancid by the time they reach the consumer due to improper storage or overlong shelf-life. Rancid oils are not only unpleasant to consume, but they can also potentially have negative health effects.

To ensure you’re getting a high-quality fish oil supplement, look for products in triglyceride form or re-esterified triglyceride form. These forms are more similar to the natural structure of fish oil, making them more stable and bioavailable.

Dosage Recommendations
For general health maintenance: 2.5g/day For improved cardiovascular health: 2.5-5g/day For the reduction of chronic inflammation: 5-10g/day For treating neurological diseases: 10-25g/day.

It’s important to note that these dosages refer to the amount of EPA and DHA, the two key omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil, not the total fish oil amount.

Supporting Studies:
One of the leading studies supporting the benefits of high-dose fish oil is the REDUCE-IT study. This trial found that patients at a higher risk of cardiovascular disease experienced a 25% reduction in the risk of major cardiovascular events when taking 4g/day of icosapent ethyl (a type of fish oil) compared to a placebo. This clearly showcases the potential of high-dose fish oil in supporting cardiovascular health.

As for neurological diseases, a study in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry found that high doses of fish oil (up to 9.6g/day) could help reduce symptoms of major depression and other psychological disorders. However, more research is needed in this area, especially for the higher end of the dosage scale (10-25g/day).

Remember, the right dosage for you may vary depending on your health status, diet, and other factors.

Navigating the world of fish oil can seem like a daunting task, but with a bit of knowledge and understanding, you can make the most out of this powerful supplement. Remember, the key is quality over quantity, and when it comes to dosage, more isn’t always better. Tailor your intake to your needs and always choose a high-quality product to ensure the best results.

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REMOVE endocrine disruptors that suppress your natural hormone production
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CytoDetox provides total detoxification support where it matters most – at the cellular level – while other mainstream detoxes tend to focus on eliminating toxins solely from the digestive tract.

These “poopers” move toxins around – at best – and can actually RE-toxify the body and even CAUSE symptoms in the process.

The breakthrough Molecular Clinoptilolite Fragments (MCF) binders in CytoDetox are designed to prevent the issue of RE-toxification.

The market did not need another liver, kidney, or colon detox system but instead needed a detox formula strong enough to support the body to purge toxins at the cellular level where detox matters most.

Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score!

Take a look at nutritional labels from different foods and you will see % Daily Values for most of the nutrients, but rarely for protein and certainly not PDCAAS. This is because the declared amount of protein in products needs to be adjusted for its ability to provide us with sufficient amino acids.

In general, the %DVs declared on nutritional labels can either involve simple math or be complicated. For example, a serving of fluid milk with 300 mg of calcium supplies 30% of its DV, while peanuts with 35 mg of calcium provide 4% of its DV. Both use 1,000 mg/day as the Daily Value. For protein, you must also factor in how well it is used by our bodies. Fluid milk containing 8g protein in a serving supplies 16% of its DV; however, peanuts containing the same amount of protein in a serving supply only 8% of its DV. PDCAAS is the way to measure the nutritional quality of a protein.
Proteins are made of many amino acids and PDCAAS evaluates a food’s protein quality by comparing its amino acid composition to what our bodies can use. PDCAAS compares the amount of the essential amino acids in the food to a reference (scoring) pattern based on the essential amino acid requirements of a 2 to 5 year old child to determine its most limiting amino acid (amino acid score). This approach is recommended by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is described in the 1991 FAO/WHO Protein Quality Report.

Part of calculating a PDCAAS involves referencing a protein digestibility value. Extensive evaluation of existing in vitro and in vivo methods of determination of the protein digestibility in foods led to the conclusion that the rat balance method is the most suitable practical method for predicting protein digestibility by humans. Using this method, digestibility values for many common ingredients have been established and made available for reference. For food mixtures, when data for the protein digestibility of the individual ingredients are well established, the protein digestibility of the mixture can be calculated by means of a weighted average procedure. This can be used if the distribution of ingredients in the product is known.

The other part required for PDCAAS calculation is laboratory analysis. Proximates and amino acid composition must be measured in order to determine the amino acid score. The protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score of a test food is then calculated by multiplying the amino acid score times the protein digestibility value. PDCAAS is typically expressed as a decimal, but sometimes as a percentage. PDCAAS can be used to calculate the nutritional quality-adjusted amount of protein in the product and its % Daily Value.

In January 1993, FDA suggested the use of PDCAAS in food labeling for evaluating protein quality. Pre-existing regulations, at CFR§ 101.9(c)(7), required the use of PDCAAS for determining whether a food contained a significant amount of protein per serving and for calculating the percent DV for protein.

Consequently, the PDCAAS and the %DV of a food must be known before a protein content claim is made. In the U.S., one qualification for a “Good Source of Protein” claim is the food containing 10-19 %DV per serving. An “Excellent Source” claim can be made when 20 %DV of protein is present.

The highest PDCAAS value that any protein can achieve is 1.0. Generally, casein, whey, soy, and egg are considered good quality proteins and have PDCAAS scores of 1.00, while those of tree nuts are a bit under 0.50 and wheat gluten even lower. The graph below compares some of the common protein sources and ranges out there.

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The Amazing Science of CytoDetox.

The scientific breakthrough of CytoDetox is the result of years of research, testing, and collaboration among the top biochemists and doctors in the field. In 2001, a unique crystal called zeolite clinoptilolite was grown by NASA in space for its extraordinary trapping and exchanging properties. Today, this molecule is the ingredient that gives CytoDetox the ability to safely and naturally support the removal of toxins from the human body at the cellular level.

Why It Works
CytoDetox has created a groundbreaking change in supporting the body’s natural cell detoxification systems.

Many people have introduced liquid zeolites, powdered clinoptilolite zeolite, and other zeolite products and structures.

The problem is these liquid zeolites only contained particles which may be supportive to the body, with one caveat.

Based upon the size of the particle, they stay in the gut and cannot pass cellular membranes. As a result, none of these other products prove to be effective. And most other natural binders available cannot keep a strong hold on heavy metals. As a result, metals are not completely eliminated, and therefore can re-circulate back into the body.

The clinoptilolite zeolite found in CytoDetox® can fully bind and hold heavy metals and other toxins tightly, therefore, re-distribution in the body is no longer a valid concern [1].
The Origin Story of CytoDetox You Need to Know
CytoDetox differentiates itself from all other zeolites and cell detoxification support products.

CytoDetox is derived from a special type (1 of 40) of zeolites called clinoptilolite [2,3].

From a ‘birds-eye’ perspective, this natural mineral, clinoptilolite, formed millions of years ago from a chemical reaction between volcanic ash and saline water. It can take up to 50,000 years to complete this reaction [4]. Once complete, a unique three-dimensional cage like configuration is created, similar to a honeycomb, which has a natural negative charge. This natural structure acts like a sieve for toxins in the environment [5,6,7].

The clinoptilolite crystal structure is built from Aluminum, Silica and Oxygen creating a very stable and resistant molecule that can attract, exchange, and retain heavy metals and other positively charged toxic molecules.

Commercially, the zeolite structure functions as an effective tool for cationic exchange and absorption of heavy metals such as Uranium, Lead, and Mercury. They have a long history of use in many water filtration systems available both commercially and publicly. In fact, for human use, the FDA considers zeolites to be GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) as a food additive [8].

The challenges with zeolite crystals is two-fold:
1. They naturally contain high levels of heavy metals making it difficult to use higher and more effective quantities in formulas.
2. They are large insoluble cage molecules that would not cross the intestinal barriers or membranes.

Heavy Metal Contamination Free Purified Clinoptilolite Zeolite
Natural clinoptilolite zeolite is difficult to use in human systems because, when not cleaned, it naturally contains high level of heavy metals and other contaminants, therefore it has to be diluted significantly before consumption. This limits its overall effectiveness, efficacy and work against supporting cell detoxification.

Using a patent pending process, the natural clinoptilolite zeolite in CytoDetox is stripped of the bound heavy metals, leaving cleaned and prepped cages ready for binding new heavy metals. This purified clinoptilolite zeolite can be used at higher concentrations making it much more effective. Because it has more cleaned cages, it is capable of binding to a higher capacity, heavy metals, and larger toxic molecules.
Molecule Clinoptilolite Fragment Found in CytoDetox
When zeolite is added to water and stirred, a suspension is created. But, as noted, most other zeolite suspensions cannot be absorbed, and have a limited bioavailability in the human gastrointestinal system.

Therefore, any zeolite products that were made before the technology existed to create CytoDetox® were either powdered zeolites or liquid suspensions of zeolites, and absorption was a concern.

CytoDetox contains water-soluble molecular clinoptilolite fragments, as well as some larger insoluble particles with cleaned cages. This is what differentiates it from other zeolite products. Simply, it was designed to support the whole body not just the gut.

In order to transform the zeolite structure or crystal into a water-soluble crystalline molecule, the zeolite structure needs to be broken down into the correct size and molecular weight.

During the process of creating the product, the challenge became breaking the crystal and creating molecular clinoptiloite fragments, while simultaneously making sure to preserve the cage-like structures necessary to maintain the ability to bind heavy metals and other toxins.

After thorough testing, the water soluble molecular clinoptilolite fragments found in solution are the correct size and molecular weight necessary to maintain cage like zeolite structure(s). The fingerprint of the molecular clinoptilolite fragments was confirmed by liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry (LC-MS) to range between 200 and 1000 daltons (more than 10 times the molecular weight that is able to cross a cells mitochondrial membrane).
Laboratory Testing and Safety
Every batch of CytoDetox is tested with a full microbiological testing, according to strict industry requirements. Moreover, the lab operates according to the FDA, cGMP or GLP (good laboratory practices). The testing methodology used is United States Pharmacopeia (USP)/Bacterilogical Analytical Manual (BAM) and Association of Analytical Chemists (AOAC) methodologies.

Our purified CytoDetox® test results for heavy metals, and microorganisms surpass all specifications even at higher clinical concentrations.

Also noteworthy: clinoptilolite zeolite particles contain sodium aluminosilicate, which means their chemical makeup is aluminum, silica and oxygen. This may create the thought that ‘free aluminum’ could enter the body. However, the lab process and analytical analysis suggests that when they broke the crystals, there were no detectable levels of free aluminum in the finished product.

What about our zeolite cages that contain aluminum in the structure?

The soluble molecular clinoptilolite fragments and insoluble clinoptilolite particles are not ‘free aluminum’, rather, these are inert parts of the zeolite structure. This structure is very difficult to break, even in a laboratory setting with strong and caustic chemicals.

Clinoptilolite zeolite can also withstand extremely high temperatures (>1000 ℉), and is not dissolved or broken down by gastric or stomach acids. Therefore, the molecular clinoptilolite fragments and particles can pass through the body completely intact.

As the clinoptilolite zeolite particles and water soluble fragments move through the body, they can easily and safely support the body’s natural ability to detoxify, when they are activated and cleansed of their existing metals.
Crossing Through Cellular Membranes
The real proof of a true cellular binder’s efficacy is whether it can successfully cross cellular membranes as well as the blood brain barrier. To have confidence in a binder, it needs to perform in specific tests that can confirm its ability to travel through cellular membranes unimpeded.

To support CytoDetox’s ability to cross cellular membranes, we must return to biology class, and review how a compound crosses cell membranes. Cell membranes are semi-permeable barriers and gatekeepers to the cell. This means that some molecules can diffuse across the lipid bilayer quickly, slowly, or not all all depending on several factors like charge and size.

Pharmaceutical companies developed the science of liposomes to help deliver drugs into the lymph, blood and targeted tissues through the cells lipid bilayer. We adopted this same science to create the first and only clinoptilolite zeolite liposomes.

Using CytoDetox’s® patent pending liposomal technology we can support the delivery of clinoptilolite molecules beyond cellular barriers.
Why Size Matters in Clinoptilolite Zeolite Structure(s)
CytoDetox contains clinoptilolite that range in molecular size (not weight) from approximately 1 to over 1000 nanometers. This produces various sizes and clusters of cage structures that have the ability to bind larger quantities of toxins in different body systems.

When it comes to cellular membranes, studies show molecular weight, not the measured size is what matters to the cells. The molecular weight (measured in daltons), is what defines a molecules ability to cross into cells and cellular membranes.

LC-MS testing confirmed that the molecular weight of the water soluble clinoptilolite fragments present in CytoDetox are in the range (200 and 1000 daltons) necessary to cross cellular membranes.

Also, insoluble (not water soluble) clinoptilolite particles that are too large to enter cellular membranes, where also added to CytoDetox’s liposomal solution.

These larger clinoptilolite particles were added to further support the body’s natural ability to detoxify other body systems, such as the blood, lymph and gut.
In addition, we have taken a proven delivery system called liposomal technology to support the transport of clinoptilolite zeolite molecules across cellular membranes.

The creation of clinoptilolite zeolite liposomes further supports the delivery of clinoptilolite molecules (varying molecular weights, sizes, and concentrations) into the lymphatic system, thus providing increased access to blood, cells and tissues.

Even smaller clinoptilolite zeolite molecules may encounter barriers like intestinal tight junctions or membranes, therefore, liposomes increase the efficacy and molecular concentration of every dose.

Liposomes fuse with membranes, and then can release contents into the cell. The liposomes present in CytoDetox are small and stable ranging in size from approximately 20 to 250 nanometers.

We measure the molecular clinoptilolite fragments to verify the dalton size required for inclusion into the liposomal matrix.

Increased Binding Mechanism and Capacity with Fulvates
To support the amazing discovery of molecular clinoptilolite fragments the inventors combined a natural organic acid called fulvates to the CytoDetox formula. In the natural environment, the combination of organic acids like fulvates with zeolites increased heavy metal uptake and binding capacity [10].

Fulvates contain over 33 types of organic acids, amino acids and trace minerals all of which can be beneficial to our cells. Similar to clinoptilolite fragments, fulvates are fragments derived from humates. Fulvates have increased solubility and lower molecular weight while retaining phenolic carboxylic acid groups. Therefore, fulvic acids can bind metals through a true chelation process. Also, research indicates that fulvates are a natural redox molecule with antioxidant capacity and may neutralize harmful free radical toxins in the body [11].

The processes in which fulvates are believed to eliminate toxins is complex. The redox potential provides the capacity to carry an electron charge that counteracts the detrimental effects of charged free radicals, or directly as a chelator fulvates use the negatively charged oxygens to trap positively charged minerals like heavy metals.

In sum, fulvates can serve multiple roles within the human body systems to support cell detoxification and cell function. As an electron donor and acceptor, fulvates can provide redox potential-a life force energy. As complex organic molecules fulvates deliver microbiome nourishment, trace minerals and other nutrients to the body [12].
Going Upstream to the Toxin Source
When looking at upstream toxins (such as heavy metals and environmental chemicals embedded in most of our organs, glands, cells and brain tissue), we know it is of utmost importance to deal with high toxicity in a timely and safe manner.

Unfortunately, you can’t just do a liver or kidney cleanse once a year and think that you are fully cleansed. It is impossible to single out an organ and limit cell detoxification to one part of the body. Even if we were able to select toxins from the liver one at a time, we could only remove an estimated 2% or 3% of the toxic load.

Toxins pass through the liver to be removed, but often end up deposited in fatty tissue and other body tissues, including the brain. What we can do is take CytoDetox to support the body’s natural ability to pass toxins through the liver, and usher them out of the system for complete cell detoxification support.

Note, CytoDetox does not limit itself to supporting removal of heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium and arsenic. CytoDetox can fully support the body for a wide variety of positively charged toxic exposures.

The Lympathic System.

What are the lymph nodes in the lymphatic system?
The lymphatic system is part of our immune system. It is composed of lymph nodes, lymphatic vessels and fluid. Lymph nodes are small, bean-shaped areas that house some of our immune cells including T cells and B cells which help to fight off infections.

When the body encounters a pathogen such as a bacteria or virus that it needs to get out of the body the lymph nodes become active sending out immune cells to the site of the infection through the lymph vessels. Once these immune cells (T cells and B cells) reach the site of the infection they destroy the pathogen so that it can be removed from the body.
Where lymph nodes are located in the body and how many are there?
There are hundreds of lymph nodes all over the body. The nodes are found in groups in specific areas, especially where our bodies encounter bacteria and viruses. Therefore, there are many nodes around our throats.

1. Pre-auricular (in front of the ear)

2. Post-auricular (behind the ear)

3. Occipital (back of the head at the base of the neck)

4. Anterior cervical & Posterior Cervical (on the side of the neck)

5. Deep Cervical (deep on the side of the neck)

6. Submandibular (under your jaw bone)

7. Submental (under your chin)

8. Supraclavicular & Infraclavicular (above & under your collar bone)

9. Inguinal (in the groin area)

10. Axillary (in the armpit)

Where lymph nodes located in the body and how many are there?
The mouth is one of the main ways that viral infections and bacterial infections can enter the body. The main groups of lymph nodes can be felt through the skin when they are active. There are also nodes in different pockets throughout the abdomen which cannot be felt.

What causes swollen lymph nodes in the body?
Lymph nodes become swollen when they are active. They are active when the immune system is trying to mount a response to something in the body. When the body recognizes that there is some time of pathogen in the body such as a bacterium or a virus it sends a message to the lymph nodes telling them to start producing immune cells that are going to fight off the bacteria and virus. This causes the lymph nodes to get swollen, hard and sometimes tender to touch. Once the infection is gone and the immune cells are no longer activated the lymph nodes shrink back to their normal size when they can’t usually be felt.

When lymph nodes are sore?
When lymph nodes are sore it often means that the immune system in the body is activated and fighting infection.

Lymph nodes become tender to touch and swollen because:

They are constantly being activated to produce more immune cells
The location of the swollen lymph node is often near the infection
Lymph nodes that are chronically sore should be evaluated for more serious underlying conditions.

When lymph nodes are sore?
Why is my lymph node swollen?
Most often lymph nodes are swollen in acute situations when the body is becoming infected. This will usually last until the duration of the infection and then they return to their normal size, which cannot usually be felt. Sometimes they can become chronically swollen. Lymph nodes that are chronically swollen and palpable should be looked at and evaluated for a more serious underlying condition.

Where to check swollen lymph nodes?
The most common areas to find swollen lymph nodes are around the ears, jaw and neck. The area that the swollen lymph nodes are swollen is related to where the infection is occurring in the body. The immune system locates the infections and then activates the lymph nodes closest to the site of the infection to start sending immune cells to the infection site. The goal is to have the immune cells travel the least amount of distance possible to get to the infection site. When you have an acute infection, it is important to check the areas closest to where you feel the symptoms. For example, if you have a sore throat check the lymph nodes around the jaw, under the chin and on the neck. If you have an ear infection check the lymph nodes around the ear. If you have a urinary tract infection or bladder infection you could check the lymph nodes around the groin.

Where to check swollen lymph nodes?
When are swollen lymph nodes bad?
Swollen lymph nodes are not usually bad. They are usually a sign that our body is fighting infection. When a swollen lymph node can indicate a more serious condition is when they are chronically swollen. This means that one specific node or one group of nodes is always swollen, hard, immobile or tender even where there is no source of infection. In this case, it is important to get the node checked out for a more serious condition. Always consult your health care practitioner in this situation. While chronically swollen lymph nodes can be completely normal it is important to rule out other causes. If there are weight loss and night sweats associated with enlarged lymph nodes a biopsy may be needed.

What are some remedies for swollen lymph nodes?
There are many different remedies for swollen lymph nodes and lymph glands. One of the reasons for enlarged lymph nodes is because of an infection, therefore treating the infection will help to decrease the pressure and activation that is being put on the nodes themselves. This will help to decrease further swelling and allow the lymphatic tissue to function optimally.

In addition, remedies that stimulate the flow of lymph can help decrease swelling in of the lymph nodes. Part of the job of the lymphatic system and lymphatic vessels is to remove any excess waste from the body. During an acute infection or activation of the nodes, congestion can occur causing fluid to build up in the area exacerbating the swollen glands. Some remedies will help to stimulate the lymphatic fluid decreasing congestion and swelling in the system. These remedies are known as lymphatics. Some herbal lymphatics include cleavers (gallium aparine), marigold (calendula Officinalis), phytolacca, dandelion (taraxacum Officinalis) and red clover (Trifolium pratense). These herbs help to stimulate the flow of lymph moving waste products away from areas of inflammation.

Lymphdiaral Drainage Cream Package
Lymphatic remedies can be prepared as herbals and as homeopathic preparations to achieve this function. Pascoe Lymphdiaral drops act through the lymphatic system to help decrease symptoms of swelling, and reduce inflammation. Other remedies to support the lymphatic system and swollen lymph nodes include manual lymph massage across the lymph channels and dry brushing.

When should you go to the doctor for swollen lymph nodes?
It is important to go to the doctor if you have chronically swollen nodes without an infection. In addition, it is important to go to the doctor if your adenoid tonsils (which are full of lymph nodes) become so swollen that they are impacting one’s ability to speak, swallow or breathe. In some cases, the lymph nodes that make up the tonsils can become overactive and can cause more problems than they help in the body.

It is also important to go to the doctor in the acute infection that the body is fighting becomes too intense. This includes a severely high fever, any trouble of breathing, loss of consciousness, severe vomiting etc. or if the infection is lasting for longer than it should. This can indicate that the immune system is not responding in the way that it should, and extra help might be needed.

The Lymphatic System.

Lymphatic System
Relieve swollen lymph nodes, sore muscles, swollen ankles and feet. Apply the cream directly to affected areas or use oral drops for whole body support. Active ingredients help to relieve swelling, pain and inflammation. Use topical cream and massage swollen legs and feet for effective swollen feet treatment. Achieve muscle pain relief with fast-acting pain relief for joints, muscles and arthritis pain.

What are Lymphdiaral Drops?

It is a Homeopathic remedy used to relieve symptoms of swelling, inflammation, and infection, such as pain fever and swollen lymph nodes due to recurrent conditions including otitis media tonsillitis and sinusitis. Made with calendula and echinacea, Lymphdiaral® Drops are available in 50 mL oral drops. Lymphdiaral® Drops have adjustable dosing and are suitable for all ages.

Adding Lymphdiaral® Drops to your healing routine can help speed up the healing process and improve lymph flow. Improving lymph flow can:

  • Improve immune function
  • Support the removal of toxins
  • Decrease swelling
  • Reduce inflammation 

Lymphdiaral® Drops for your health and the health of your family

Lymphdiaral® Drops are effective and easy to use. Just add the appropriate number of drops to water and sip.

Benefits of Lymphdiaral® Drops: 

  • Suitable and safe for all ages
  • Relieve symptoms of swelling, inflammation and infection
  • Easy to use
  • Clinically tested and proven effective, with over 50 years of clinical experience

Pascoe’s dedication to Research and Development:

In the 1960s, Pascoe opened its own research and development department. Since then, we have been dedicated to investing in the research and development of our products. Pascoe’s Lymphdiaral® line of products has been a staple in the company’s portfolio for over 50 years! This remedy is a must-have for every first aid kit and medicine cabinet.


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