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Voxx Stasis Athletic Socks.

 VoxxLife Athletic Stasis Socks will take your athletic performance to new levels.
With the best finish and greatest feel of any socks you have ever worn. VoxxLife socksprovide an incredible fit along with all the performance benefits of Voxx HPT technology.
Available in knee-high, mini-crew, and no-shows you can have the right Stasis socks for ant activity.
Also if you have to wear another sock as part of your uniform you can still have the benefits of Voxx HPT with our Stasis Liner socks. They are thin enough to be worn under any other socks and still give you the performance edge in your game or activity.

BeneFishial Omega-3.


BeneFishial™ provides over 90% pure total Omega-3 concentrations in each capsule while other Omega-3 supplements typically contain on average concentrations of only 30%-60% per capsule. This high concentration of Omega-3 ensures that there are none of the “fillers” typically contained in over-the-counter (OTC) products working against the positive effects of the Omega-3

ElementX ThermoxyShred. Discover Your REAL Potential !

ElementX ThermoxyShred is a new and powerful, thermogenic fat burner designed to help you achieve your fat loss goals quickly and safely.
ThermoxyShred is a FAT Burner truly in a class of its own, combining clinically researched standardized ingredients at effective amounts in just one capsule !
The specific selection of ingredients in this formula is meant to support metabolic actions that are directly related to encourage FAT loss and provide focus and cognitive support.
ThermoxyShred`s unique formula helps increase FAT Burning and FAT Oxidation, supports metabolism, increases body temperature and up-regulates FAT-Burning mechanisms.
Precise amounts of Selenium, Chromium, Caffeine, Salicin, Synephrine, and Olive Leaf work in synergy to promote FAT loss by increasing FAT oxidation – the rate at which stored FAT is broken down and released into the blood stream to be used up as energy.
ThermoxyShred delivers everything you need for positive FAT Burning results and more fule for your workouts!

We Like The Way Real Feels.

What ever happened to real?
People today have become accustomed to compromise, to feeling like if they can get close to real, they are getting close enough. They settle. So it becomes easy to forget the difference real can make in your day, in your life, and in your body. Your body wants, craves and benefits most from real. Which is why we are so passionate about real, and the difference it can make for you, and in you.
MegaFood IS real food. We use over 500,000 pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables every year. And everything about our Slo-Food Process is designed to make sure that what you get from our supplements is the closest thing to farm fresh. Sure, it costs a little more. But more real, more pure, more commitments to giving your body exactly what it needs is worth a little more.
We`re committed to real, because we like the way real makes you feel. We like the feel of fresh vegetables, the smell of real fruit. Of working with real farmers. Of being a small, honest, rooted-in-real New Hampshire company. We like the feel of being real, using real, making real.
And we think you will too.
You`ll like the way real feels.
XOXO MegaFoods.

Systemic Enzyme Therapy.

Systemic enzymes, used throughout Europe and Asia for decades, play an integral role in maintaining and supporting every function within the body. Enzymes are proteins that act as catalysts for thousands of chemical reactions necessary for life. Enzymes are essential for sparking these reactions in the functions of growth, repair, reproduction, digestion, and metabolism system-wide. They also play a key role in regulating inflammation and fibrin in the body, signaling the body when to stop producing fibrin, as well as eliminating excess fibrin that has accumulated.

The strength and concentration of our enzymes is directly related to how well our bodies fight disease and infection, repair injured tissue, and sustain the body’s multitude of functions. Without an adequate supply of systemic enzymes, we can suffer from impairment in digestion, scar tissue/fibrin regulation, blood coagulation, reproduction, respiration, and the immune system. A chief complaint common to all these impairments is pain. Enzymes are truly vital for a healthy body, one that is free of chronic pain.

Generally speaking, the body has a sufficient supply of enzymes through the age of 25. As our natural enzyme supply diminishes over time, we may notice that we take longer to heal and “bounce back” compared to when we were younger. Without enzymes, we are more susceptible to diseases, we age more quickly, and our bodies degenerate faster. Systemic Enzyme Therapy can stem this tide and help replace what has been lost due to age and other factors.

Systemic enzymes are different from digestive enzymes, although they certainly aid in digestion as well. Systemic simply means that the enzymes are designed to work throughout the body. While digestive enzymes are taken with food to support assimilation and absorption of nutrients, systemic enzymes are taken on an empty stomach so that they may reach the small intestine where they are absorbed and sent into the bloodstream. Systemic enzymes are adaptogenic in nature – up-regulating and down-regulating as needed to return the body to homeostasis and balance – greatly reducing pain, inflammation, circulatory impairment, and any other condition resulting from a lack of enzyme activity. Systemic enzyme formulas may also contain the digestive enzymes amylase and lipase to assist with clearing out any residual undigested carbohydrates and fats that are circulating in the bloodstream.

The Four “R”s of Systemic Enzymes: Reduce, Regulate, Remove, and Restore
Systemic enzymes support the health and well-being of the body with their significant ability to:
•Combat chronic inflammation
•Neutralize rogue proteins in the blood that can trigger a hyper-autoimmune response
•Break down excess fibrin that contributes to scar tissue and fibrosis
•Reduce build-up in the arteries thus improving blood flow and circulation

Restoring each of these functions in the body not only targets specific health concerns and conditions but provides whole-body support as well.

1)Reduce Pain and Inflammation
At the root of just about every imbalance or dysfunction in the body, we will find either a protein or a mechanism that is protected by a protein, all of which are subject to control by proteolytic (systemic) enzymes. Enzymes have the ability to digest and destroy the protein-based defense shield of each and every pathogen, allergen, and rogue cell, thereby leading to their ultimate elimination.1 Systemic enzymes break down these substances in the blood that would otherwise create inflammation and infection. This ability may benefit those experiencing chronic inflammation, and its related pain, due to surgery, stress, toxic overload, inadequate nutrition, over-worked muscles, injuries, etc.

Healthy tissues are vulnerable to chronic inflammation and injury caused by foreign tissue growth when enzyme levels are too low to regulate normal repair processes. This, in turn, may lead to scar tissue and adhesion formation in the surrounding structures. Pain is often the result of these conditions and may be the first sign of a problem such as injury, fibroids, or arthritis. Reducing inflammation with Systemic Enzyme Therapy may be a useful strategy for reducing pain by way of clearing inflammation and halting the inflammatory process.

2)Regulate the Immune System
When we think of the immune system, the conversation almost always revolves around a low or decreased immune system. Certainly, addressing low enzyme levels in the body can improve a weakened immune system. Many times, patients are experiencing the opposite – a hyper-immune response that the body seems to have difficulty in turning off. Systemic enzymes restore balance by its ability to both up-regulate and down-regulate the immune response. A balanced and well-functioning immune system ensures protection from viable pathogens while protecting healthy tissues from auto-immune antibodies. Patients who suffer from pain as part of an auto-immune response may experience relief that other treatments have failed to address. The proteolytic activity of systemic enzymes may also provide protection against virus proliferation through their ability to neutralize the defense shield of the virus, thereby preventing the virus from attaching to healthy DNA. Systemic enzymes are non-toxic and without side-effects, making them a great alternative to traditional pain medications.

3)Remove Excess Fibrin
A primary role of systemic enzymes is to dissolve and digest non-living tissue – scars, excess fibrin which may be found in fibrous cysts in the reproductive system, and blood clots. Scar tissue and adhesions are the result of excess fibrin that accumulates when a lack of systemic enzymes prevents the body from knowing when to stop producing fibrin during the healing process. Systemic enzymes target only the excess or damaging fibrin/scar tissue and help regulate normal, healthy fibrin levels, as they are necessary for healing and repair after surgery or an injury. Resolving issues of excess fibrin and scar tissue can have a tremendous impact on patient pain and discomfort.

Systemic Enzyme Therapy: Removing and Preventing Excess Fibrin
•Supports the body’s innate defense system to moderate inflammatory response
•Supports cleansing of the tissues
•Breaks down the rogue or “extra-large” proteins circulating in the blood that can lead to pain, inflammation, and infection
•Removes excess fibrin, which results from unregulated inflammation and scar tissue/adhesion formation

Once the enzymes neutralize the proteins, the lymphatic and circulatory system can then eliminate them through normal detoxification processes. As excess unhealthy tissue is removed, proper blood flow is restored, promoting better circulation. After previous scar and other necrotic tissues have been eliminated, enzymes continue to keep the inflammatory response in balance so that further excess fibrin does not build up again.

4)Restore Blood Flow
Systemic enzymes promote healthy blood circulation in two primary ways. First, enzymes clear unhealthy build-up in the circulatory system (plaque) similar to the way they “eat up” excess fibrin in other systems. Removal of plaque and excess fibrin in the blood vessels cleanses the blood of debris and toxins, improving blood flow and volume, while also stimulating the growth of healthy tissue. Cardio-vascular health stands to benefit greatly from these improvements in the circulatory system.

Systemic enzymes also improve circulation by increasing the flexibility of red blood cells, defending against the accumulation of platelets, and preventing abnormal blood clotting. In laymen’s terms, the blood becomes less “sticky”. Healthy blood flow and volume benefits every system in the body, but especially in areas in need of repair and regrowth. Systemic Enzyme Therapy may be beneficial in restoring overall function, improving delivery of oxygen and nutrients, and easing micro-circulatory issues of cold hands/feet and edema.

As the blood supply is cleansed and healthy circulation is restored, systemic enzymes further support the body by removing “stagnant blood”, toxins, and debris. Clean oxygenated blood can then reach the primary organs unimpeded. Stagnant, sticky blood also plays a role in the imbalances known as endometriosis, PCOS, heavy dark menses, ovarian cysts, and uterine fibroids.

Happy New Year 2017!!!

All the best of the new year to you and yours!
Happy New Year from our family to yours!!

Mushroom Coffees

Stimulation Without Jitters!
Coffee is the world`s most widely used antioxidant-rich superfood, and Mushroom Coffee is the easiest upgrade for it.
Thanks to our favorite medicinal mushrooms, you can keep enjoying coffee to crank up your performance and boost your metabolism , without taxing your Adrenal Gland in the process.

Super Leaf Moringa Powder.

superleaf-moringaSuperLeaf Moringa Powder is fully-RAW, 100% Organic leaf powder. The low-temperature drying process concentrates the goodness of Moringa, so it`s easy to use as a single source superfood.
Each 5 gram serving is made from 50 grams of fresh leaves- that is more than two full servings of Raw, Organic greens !
Add it to smothies, stir into the beverage of your choice, or incorporate into recepies for a superfood boost.

Natural Health Products are not Drugs !

Back to Basic LivingNatural Health Products Are Not Drugs
When you walk into your local CHFA Member health food store, you can find all kinds of safe, effective and high-quality natural health products (NHPs) that you and 77 per cent of Canadians use for the maintenance of good health.
These NHPs could include vitamin C to reduce the duration and severity of the common cold. Or a probiotic to keep your immune system primed and ready to combat those winter bugs. Or vitamin D, since there are few natural dietary sources and because supplementing with vitamin D is almost universally recommended, particularly for those in greatest need like infants and the elderly.
Whatever NHPs you choose, it is important to know Canada is a global leader in the regulation of these products, which can include vitamins, minerals, probiotics, herbal products, homeopathic remedies and traditional medicines.

You can be confident that the Canadian regulations that already exist for these products are among the best in the world. These regulations are based on 53 recommendations made by the Standing Committee on Health (SCOH) in 1998. The SCOH met with hundreds of witnesses, including consumer groups, Health Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, International regulators, and received numerous submissions over a half a year of consultation.

Based on the robust consultation process, an appropriate framework was created for the regulations of NHPs. This work resulted in the passage of the Natural Health Products Regulations (NHP Regulations), which came into effect in 2004. Along with the regulation came the establishment of the then Natural Health Products Directorate (NHPD), now the Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate (NNHPD), a branch of Health Canada dedicated to the review and oversight of NHPs.
The Canadian approach to regulation is often referred to as a “pre-approval” system, which means that all NHPs must be approved by Health Canada before they are allowed to be legally sold to Canadians. Other countries have alternative methods for regulating products similar to NHPs. For example, the United States calls these products Dietary Supplements and they are regulated as food products, where oversight is done through “post-market reporting.” This means that Dietary Supplements can be marketed and sold in the U.S. without pre-approval and manufacturers are expected to report any adverse effects.
Currently, when you buy an NHP at your local CHFA Member health food store, you can feel confident knowing that the company selling that product has provided evidence to support any health claims made.

The level of evidence that is required to be submitted for NHPs seeking approval in Canada depends on the claim being made and the overall risk of the product, and the condition it is being used for. A product such as a multivitamin that makes a claim, “helps with the maintenance of good health,” will have to provide different evidence than an omega-3 that makes the claim, “helps to reduce serum triglycerides and support brain function.” This evidence could include clinical trial data or references to published studies, journals, pharmacopoeias and traditional resources.

No NHP can be approved for sale in Canada without providing evidence to support the claims being made. Each product that is authorized for sale in Canada is included in an online database that provides details on what is in the product and what claims have been approved.

Health Canada is now proposing a framework that would significantly alter the existing NHP Regulations and instead wants to regulate some NHPs using the same rules as drugs based on a small consumer survey and six weeks of consultation.

This proposal is truly trying to fix a system that is not broken and will be a step backward instead of forward. Our current regulations take into account the unique properties and low-risk nature of these products, ensuring that you have access to NHPs that are safe, effective and of high quality, while respecting freedom of choice, and the philosophical and cultural diversity of our country.

Changing the way NHPs are regulated will have a huge impact on the products you will find on your store shelves. Providing the evidence required for drugs is vastly expensive, which is why the prices for drugs are significantly higher compared to NHPs. Requiring the same level of evidence as a drug, which is necessary for products developed in a laboratory, is not reasonable for NHPs when considering they are derived from nature, in many cases have been used for thousands of years, and are extremely low-risk.
To help ensure you continue to have access to the NHPs you know and love, we need your help. Please visit right now to send a message to your Member of Parliament, letting them know these changes are not acceptable. It will only take you one minute and will make a big difference in helping us ensure you continue to have access to your favourite safe and effective natural health products.

Oasis Naturals.
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3 Week fat losss revealed!

Slim waist with a tape measure around it

Losing weight in a short space of time has always been thought of as a near impossible task. For years, doctors and dieticians have told the public that it takes months and sometimes even years of hard work to see any progress with weight loss, or to sculpt the perfect body. But that is simply not true at all.

The human body is highly adaptable and able to change in extremely short periods of time. Think about it. If people can quickly gain mass amounts of fat from weeks of unhealthy eating, shouldn’t they be able to lose a lot weight rapidly from weeks of healthy eating?