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Organic Council of Ontario.

 Organic: More than just “Antibiotic Free”
Organic requires a healthy diet of organic feed and forage.
Meat animals must be raised without antibiotics or added hormones, and medical interventions for all livestock are strictly monitored.
More than just “Humanely Raised”
Organic includes HIGH STANDARDS for animal welfare: livestock must have access to more space, natural light, the outdoors, and habitats that encourage roosting, rooting and grazing.
More than just Marketing.
Organic is a set of production practices VERIFIED through third-party certification. Farmers and processors certify so you can be confident you are getting what you pay for.
More than just “No Spray”
ALL substances used in organic agriculture & processing have been approved through a rigorous evidence-based process to minimize the impact on human health and the environment.
More than just “LOCAL”
When you buy Ontario organic you are helping to grow a thriving and resilient local food system. Local and organic- the best of both worlds.
More than just “Natural”
Synthetic preservatives, binding agents, flavoring, and coloring are prohibited in organic food processing.
Even cleaning agents are monitored – and many are forbidden.
More than just “NON-GMO”
Certifed organic is always produced without GMOs. Unlike “NON-GMO” alone, organic also signifies the more sustainable production practices without using synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.