Super Leaf Moringa Capsules, 90 caps.



Ingredients: 100% raw, organic Moringa leaf powder in a hypromellose (vegan-friendly) gel capsule shell.

Only SuperLeafTM Moringa is:

  • Grown in nutrient-rich volcanic ash soil in Nicaragua
  • Packaged on-site within a few hours of harvesting in a state of the art facility to preserve freshness and nutrients
  • Free of traces of heavy metals or pollutants, no binding agents, fillers, chemicals, artificial sweeteners or preservatives
  • No gluten, wheat, dairy or sugar
  • Non-oxidized, never irradiated raw powder
  • Non-GMO, 100% Organic Moringa oleifera

How to Use: Take up to 25 capsules daily (equivalent to 10 grams or 2 tsp of Moringa leaf powder)

NPN Number: 8005099

Product Description


SuperLeaf™ Moringa powder is a fully-raw, organic powder made from the most complete, nutrient-dense leaves known to science. The low-temperature drying process concentrates the goodness of Moringa, so it’s easy to use as a single source Superfood for your nutritional needs.

With 92+ nutrients, 46 different antioxidants, 18 amino acids and a range of vitamins and minerals, it’s like a super multivitamin in a leaf.

Each capsule contains 400 mg of Moringa leaf powder


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